4 Ideas To Make Your Kitchen Stand Out

Having a wow factor kitchen is a huge bonus for homeowners. As well as increasing the value of a property, a high style kitchen makes a great centerpiece for parties.

Here, we’ll go over some differences in kitchen cabinet types and the benefits of going for styles to dazzle your guests.

Upper Cabinet Experimentation

Your wall cabinets are an integral part of your kitchen. They are the most visible part of the room when you first walk in, and need to be eye-catching if you want a standout kitchen.

Try something new with your upper cabinets by fitting sliding doors for a wall-length pantry area, or try using open shelving to create an airy, modern feel. You can make your shelving asymmetrical, colorful, basically any style you want without being restricted to the cabinet build and shape.

Combine open shelves with cabinets for more style options along your wall.

Go Big With Color

Traditionally, cabinets come in basic neutral colors – white or cream for non-woods and your natural wood tones or slightly elevated finish for wooden cabinets.

Going somewhere different with your cabinet color choices can yield explosive results that really set your kitchen apart. Depending on which of the different cabinet types you go with, a laminate or PVC option gives you a fantastic range of different pallets to look at.

Bold colors go best with the flat-panel cabinet doors, which have one single panel. The other most common door type seen in kitchen is the shaker style, which consists of four flat-panel pieces creating a frame for a fifth to sit, either depressed or raised above the framing panels.

Louvered Cabinets

Something a little more out there for those searching for a unique kitchen with a chic, modern look. Louvered cabinets have wooden slats running across them.

They are an excellent choice for floor to ceiling pantry cabinets as most louvered doors provide ventilation, meaning they work well for cabinets next to radiators, or airing cupboards too. They do come with a heftier price tag than other cabinet types, but the benefits are there to see.

The angled slats won’t let direct sunlight through, and have the added effect of making the room seem larger, so are a good choice for smaller homes and apartments.

Alternative Drawers and Cabinets

For yet another set of style options, look at how you’re implementing your drawers and cabinets within the overall setup of the room.

If you’re after a rustic, weathered theme in your kitchen, add a distressed effect to your drawers and cabinets. You will have to pay a little above the odds, but they will complete a vintage, lived-in look nicely.

Inset drawers and cabinets are precisely designed to fit within the frame of the unit as opposed to on the outside like most designs. They are some of the more expensive available, but they have a timeless style and finish. You can go one step further and get beaded doors added, which give dynamism and life to the room.

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