5 Multifunctional Pieces of Furniture for Small Apartments

Living in a small apartment can be chaotic and overwhelming. Especially if that small apartment is a studio apartment when all you have is one multi-purpose room. Thus, when found in this situation, you must do everything in your power to make your small apartment seem bigger and ampler. The first step is investing in multifunctional pieces of furniture. These pieces are designed to be used in various rooms and have various functions. For instance, you can turn your shelves into a working table, your sofa into a bed, or your ottoman in a coffee table. Luckily, the possibilities are endless. So, if interested in multifunctional pieces of furniture for a small apartment, and how to produce a spacious feel in small homes, here are our five suggestions.

  1. Foldable Futons 

Futons or day beds are amazing pieces of furniture for small apartments and studios. They are great because they are multifunctional. During the day, you can use them for watching TV and relaxing in your living room. But, when you have guests over, you can easily turn your futon into a bed for sleeping. It is very simple and easy, and it takes only a couple of seconds to transform a futon into a sleeping bed. Just remove your decorative cushions and then add bedding and pillows and voila – your day bed is turned into a night bed! Moreover, these foldable futons usually have plenty of space underneath them which you can use for storage. There you can put extra bedding or pretty much anything that clutters your apartment. Also, futons are very modern and all expert designers will give you the same advice – to incorporate them in your small home.

  1. Ottomans 

When living in a small apartment, ottomans will be your best friend! They are one of the most versatile and multifunctional pieces of furniture. And, what is more, you can use them in any room as they come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. You just have to choose a style that goes best with the room. For instance, plush ottomans can be placed in living rooms and serve as extra seating for one or two people. Or, you can put a bigger tray on it and transform it into a coffee table too and that way, it can become your family-area furniture. It can also serve as a shelf as you can easily place many different items on it. However, besides living rooms, ottomans are also mostly used in bedrooms. Many people like putting them at the foot of their beds. These kinds of ottomans always serve as an extra space for storage as they can easily open up. In there you can put your bedding, blankets, or pretty much anything you want to hide from sight.

  1. Foldable Table 

 If there is a possibility for you to dispose of your old furniture, and invest in some new, multifunctional one, you should probably do it. Thus, besides investing in foldable futons and ottomans, try investing in foldable tables too. We all know that tables tend to take up a lot of space. And, we basically need a couple of them – one table for eating, one for working and studying and one used as a vanity fair. Yes, every home needs all of these types of tables. However, what you can do is get rid of all those tables and invest in just one that is foldable. Use folded, use it for studying and working. And then, when it is time to eat, unfold it and it will easily seat four or more people. Moreover, you can add shelves above it for keeping your laptop, stationery, and all the items you would put in your vanity fair.

  1. Lift-Top Coffee Table 

Well, one table you cannot get rid of is the coffee table. Let us face it; a living room is not a living room without a proper coffee table. So, what you can do to save space in your living room is to ditch your old and get a new lift-top coffee table. These are great as they can be used for many things. When you are relaxing you can use your coffee table as is. But, when you need to work or study, you can lift up the top of the coffee table and turn it into a regular table. There will be no need to squat, hunch or scrooch down when you need to do some work in your living room. Moreover, this kind of coffee table comes with some storage possibilities too! Inside, you can put some stationery items, books, or anything that clutters your living room.

  1. Wall Storage Unit 

Sometimes you will have the possibility to store your furniture just for a short period of time into a storage unit. And sometimes you must find a way to keep everything in your small home. That is when you must be resourceful, creative and think outside of the box. You must use every inch of your small apartment. So, try incorporating wall-storage units in wherever you can. You can use those big wall-storage units as a TV stand. But, when you add a lot of shelves and drawers to it, you will have plenty of space in your living room. Also, you can put this wall-storage above and next to your bed. That space can be used for storing clothes, shoes, books, and all sorts of things. Moreover, wall-storage units can serve as room dividers too and they are a great way to decorate your home too. Many people who live in small apartments or studios use this technique to separate their living space.

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