Choosing To Install Aluminium Windows In Your Home

The replacement of a home’s windows is a major project that only comes along once every 20 years or so, it’s also an expensive undertaking, and it’s crucial that the task is planned, designed, and completed successfully. By doing proper research and choosing the right installation specialist, you can maximise your chances of navigating this home improvement project with the minimum of fuss. Increasingly homeowners are choosing to replace their ageing and tired windows with futuristic, sleekly designed aluminium windows; this recyclable metal is a great option in modern homes. We’ll look into finding an installation partner, why aluminium is the material for you and the benefits you can unlock by fitting aluminium windows.

Finding A Great Supplier

It’s essential with any home improver that you find a good company to supply and fit the chosen product; businesses that have been trading for a good period of time (10 years+) will normally be of a decent standard. Their experience and expertise will be a valuable tool to utilise during your project, but unless you’ve had a recommendation you trust or know someone in that industry, it can be difficult to find a good installer. If that’s the case, starting with an internet search is a good first step, type in ‘aluminium windows Oxfordshire or something similar, this will give you a listing of local businesses. Take some time to view their websites and the products on them, and make some notes of any window styles or installers you like the look of. Cross-referencing any possible suppliers with consumer websites such as Trustpilot or Feefo can give you an idea of well they are rated by their previous clients. Make a shortlist of three or four possible installation partners and think about which is most suitable for your home improvement project. Make your decision and initiate contact to start the design process.

Why Aluminium Is a Great Choice

As a manufacturing material, aluminium is a superb choice; this lightweight yet strong metal is eco-friendly. It is easily recycled and sometimes known as the green metal. When discussing it as a material for making windows, it is also important to examine the other alternatives: normally timber, uPVC, and composite.

  • Timber – is popular for its natural look, requires more maintenance than aluminium and is more expensive.
  • Upvc – although cheaper than aluminium, it is vulnerable to weathering and is limited when looking at finishes; it’s also not biodegradable.
  • Composite – this modern mix of materials is a better thermal insulator than aluminium but is very expensive.

Compared to the other materials, aluminium scores highly as a great all-rounder without any noticeable issues, sometimes, it is thought of as having poor thermal efficiency, but modern polyamide technology has taken aluminium’s thermal performance to new levels.

By equipping your home with aluminium windows, you are choosing low maintenance and durable options at a reasonable price. Using a wealth of factory-baked or anodised finishes will also have a newly transformed modern, looking home.

If you are planning replacing your home’s windows, I hope this short piece has given you a great starting point to succeed with your project – good luck!

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