Interior Decor – Creative Purposes of Wooden Trays

You’ve been using wooden trays for serving. Otherwise, you may be with them for storing products like utensils, cups, mugs etc. There are various kinds of wooden trays available nowadays and you’re using them in a variety of ways but where do you turn using these trays once they grow old and also you become bored together? Would you either push them into garage storage or sell them off as scrap? Whatever you’ve been doing together, there are lots of creative uses of these wooden trays. Actually, they’re so innovative and delightful ways that you’d be enticed to create new incomplete wooden trays and apply they to fulfill the creative soul in your soul. Here are a few novel uses of wooden trays which i available on internet during your search!

Room Divider

Create a folding screen or room divider by utilizing some decorative trays. You’ll need 3 or 4 shelves which are hinged together. Just fasten the trays to the units as well as your room divider is prepared.

Mlm Side Table

Should you prefer a side table with multiple levels, use trays to make one. Take 3 or 4 trays and wooden dowels getting thickness of approximately 1 inch. Cut them into needed size. Drill holes on each tray and in to the ends from the dowels. Then fasten the dowels to trays by utilizing threaded rods. Screw wooden balls on the top fishing rod to provide a finished turn to the table.

Table Centerpiece

Have a wooden tray and fill its bottom having a layer of sand. Now try taking some decorated pillar candle lights and votive candle lights and arrange these questions beautiful pattern in the heart of the tray. Now decorate the fringes with the materials of your liking- it may be pebbles, berries, gourds, bamboo sticks, anything! Put it on table and turn it into a wonderful experience for the visitors.

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