Why Safety is Important When You Own a Pool

Owning your own pool means you can cool off on the hottest days and it’s great for hosting parties and keeping fit. The trouble is, a pool can also be a danger if not properly secured and maintained, and so safety needs to come first for pool owners. There are a number of reasons why pool safety is so important, and some of them are listed below.

Pool accidents can happen at all ages

While certain ages are more at risk of pool accidents, the sad truth is, they can happen at any age. The groups most at risk of drowning or accidents include:

  • Young children – most drownings occur when a young child gets into the pool unsupervised, but they can also happen when people are around and not paying attention
  • Young adults – teenagers and young adults are the second group most likely to suffer accidents, often because alcohol is involved, or they are showing off to friends
  • Older people – people who are physically frail can be at risk around pools and can more easily get into difficulty
  • Pets – dogs and cats are often attracted to water and can fall in and drown while trying to drink

This means it’s not just the parents of toddlers who need to take pool safety seriously. Anyone who has a pool can potentially be affected.

Many pool accidents are completely avoidable

The sad thing about many pool accidents is that they could have been avoided, and lots of people only think about pool safety measures because they’ve had an accident or a near miss. Pool owners should look into swimming pool fence compliance Sydney at the very least, which ensures fencing is adequate for keeping out kids and pets. Also, you should identify any hazards near your pool and ensure they are quickly removed.

Being vigilant is also important

While things like fencing and putting in safety measures is important, you should also realise that vigilance is needed when you’re by the pool. Whether it’s watching out for the kids, or quickly removing tripping hazards, vigilance is one of the most important aspects of pool safety.

There are a number of simple measures you can take

From the right fencing to anti-slip surfaces and flotation devices for rescue, a lot of pool safety measures are incredibly simple. It’s not expensive to make your pool safe, and if you’ve paid to have a pool installed, it’s worth spending the extra to ensure it’s not dangerous and that you can enjoy it.

Pool safety rules can protect you and your family, and in some areas, you legally need to follow them. If you spend some time on safety measures, you can enjoy your pool a lot more and have peace of mind.

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