4 Affordable Garden Renovation Projects For The Summer

Gardens are a source of pride for many, with their potential bloom and utility bringing joy to both homes and neighbourhoods across the country. Some choose to embrace nature and encourage wildflowers to grow whereas others want a refined area within which to host friends and family for garden dining.

Outdoor spaces, however, aren’t innately able to accommodate such wonderful and valued activities. In fact, a number of homeowners foresee a great deal of work and investment being required before they can begin enjoying their garden spaces. Thankfully, this isn’t the case and we have four affordable garden renovation projects that will help to revive and spruce your outdoor space this summer!

Raised Beds


Lifting your plants up from the ground is a great idea for a number of reasons but is primarily adopted by those with concrete gardens as raised beds enable homeowners to begin growing without the need to remove their entire garden surface.

They also offer a method of growing that is more free from weeds, preventing unwanted root networks from building up beneath the ground and then ruining vegetables, flowers, and herbs, as well as giving growers the ability to regiment their garden easily. What’s more, raised beds are a simple and low-cost project that is available to even the smallest of garden spaces.


Whether your garden shed is due a redesign or your home could benefit from an entirely new living space, installing a garden outbuilding might be the project for you. Such building creations can take many forms, from summer houses to private garden offices, adding value and utility to a property.

As outbuildings grow in popularity, they are also becoming more affordable too, making them a brilliant investment for those wanting to get more use out of their garden spaces.

Sustainable Garden


For the ecologically minded there are a number of renovation projects that can help your garden to become a centre of sustainability.

Rainwater harvesting has become an increasingly mainstream endeavour with affordable tools now being available for homeowners to begin lowering their water bills. Compost systems are also increasingly accessible, with traditional and worm compost systems being adopted across the country.

Additionally, although perhaps not yet truly affordable to many, solar panels are becoming more compact and versatile, enabling homeowners to add solar benefits to their gardens and sheds more easily.

Dining Areas


Having a table outdoors simply isn’t enough to encourage a family to dine outdoors regularly, especially in the British climate. Instead, a homeowner must endeavour to mitigate the weather conditions and create an environment that is assured to be comfortable year-round.

There are a number of ways to do this, even on a budget, with heat lamps and retractable covers being common choices. Others might simply settle for windbreakers and woollen blankets, finding that, with the addition of candles, a garden dining space needs little to be an enjoyable space for friends and family to enjoy.

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