Affordable Additions to Your Living Room for Ultimate Comfort

The one room in your home which is most suited to relaxing while not actually sleeping, is your living room, and as such, the more comfortable it is and the warmer it feels, both literally and methodically, the better.

Luckily, there is no need to spend the majority of your life savings when wanting to increase the comfort factor of your lounge, but rather simply learn of the five affordable additions for ultimate comfort as follows.

1.    Include More Family Photos

Personalizing the decor in your living room, either with family photographs you have always meant to print out, the artwork you completed when you were younger, or travel souvenirs from cherished vacations, is a fantastic and affordable way to make the room feel more comfortable.

Additionally, spending time looking in antique shops and thrift stores for more unusual, statement pieces of décor that you absolutely adore will also serve to make the space feel more in tune with the real you.

2.    A Foot Stool

Whether your living room is a substantial size and therefore easily fits a three-seater couch and several smaller chairs with ample room to move around, or else your lounge is considerably smaller, you would not believe the difference a footstool makes to how comfortable you are.

As a footstool is a relatively affordable addition to the design and aesthetics of the space, why not treat yourself and your feet, to a stunning designer togo sofa from Ligne Roset and enjoy reclining in luxury and comfort?

3.    Floor Rug Layering

Another incredibly effective and, again, surprisingly affordable way to make a big impact while spending as little as you can, is to not only update the current rug in your lounge but also to buy a couple more and jump on board the layering trend.

End-of-season sales and summer reductions are most definitely the best time of year to search for complementing. Yet, different styles, shapes, colors, and sizes of rugs, and you can either choose to use the rugs to define different areas or simply use them to add depth and texture.

4.    Purchase a Portable Fireplace

The fourth and final piece of advice for an affordable yet utterly transformative purchase for your living room to increase the warm atmosphere tenfold is to purchase a portable fireplace (providing the room does not already have one, of course).

There are numerous benefits to this investment, notably a chance to reduce your household energy bills as now, you will only need to warm the room you are in and also, that a portable fireplace is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional.

When shopping for said fireplace, make sure that you buy from a reputable and renowned retailer, that you choose a freestanding option that guarantees no extra work when installing the unit, and that you choose a fireplace with a decent BTU rating to ensure you and your family can benefit from the warmer air.

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